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Conserto to lease additional circuits from MCI

Aurora, Colo. – (November, 2006) – Conserto, LCC, a voice conferencing provider specializing in automated and event conference calls, announced that they will be leasing additional circuits from MCI.

“Continued growth has required us to lease new circuits from MCI,” said Brad Volin, Conserto’s President. “Conserto is proud to utilize 100% traditional PSTN circuits. While many providers have moved to VOIP circuits to cut costs, our customers’ global operations demand a level of quality that we feel justify utilizing tried and true technology.”


Conserto adds new customers in consulting, transportation and association industries

Aurora, Colo. – (August, 2006) – Conserto, LCC, a voice conferencing provider specializing in automated and event conference calls, announced that they have a number of new customers across three industries.

“We started in investor relations and public companies because of our robust user interface and recording/webcasting integration,” said Brad Volin, Conserto’s President. “Recently though, we’ve seen even faster growth in pure automated calls in a number of industries. Consulting services often involve project management and implementation reviews. Our user interface enables users to have a highly interactive session, but one that is also well controlled.”

Conserto has also seen a number of associations as new customers. Associations have fairly unique needs. Cost control and accounting codes are extremely important to most associations. Not only does Conserto’s competitive rate save them bottom line dollars, but we make it easier for both end users and accounting people to allocate and track expenses. End users can pull up and search a history of every call made, going back years. Providing recording at no charge is also a nice benefit for associations, since many officers are volunteers and can’t attend every meeting. Lastly, large committee meetings go much more smoothly when the host can see everyone’s actual name on the screen, instead of just a phone number. This enables an efficient Q&A, break out sessions via sub-conferencing, and an electronic attendance record.

Transportation companies often have new users. Conserto end customers can create their own accounts on-the-fly via our host control panel. “Because our system was designed from the ground up to be web based, our end users have real time access to their account”, said Brad. “Conserto customers can always call us to add a new user, or change a password, or they can do it themselves immediately.”


Conserto doubles revenue in 2005

Aurora, Colo. – (December, 2005) – Conserto, LCC, a voice conferencing provider specializing in automated and event conference calls, announced that they doubled revenue in year over year sales.

“The substantial industry knowledge within our company has been the driving force behind our growth,” said Brad Volin, Conserto’s President. “We’re one of the few companies in the industry with depth on both the technology and the operations side of the business. Many of our customers seek us out because of our robust user interface that gives virtually operator control to the host. Other companies switch over to us because they want carrier class quality and personal service. Conference calls are mission critical for every business today, and all of our customers hear a real person on the phone when they need us, rather than ‘incident ID numbers’ and phone menu trees. We’re not glitzy, but we deliver on what’s important: reliability, service and value.”


Former Global Crossing Executive Positions Conserto as Leader in Event and IR Conference Call Market

Aurora, Colo. – (March 21, 2005) – Conserto, LCC, a voice conferencing provider specializing in earnings and event conference calls, announced today that Steve Coon has joined the company as senior vice president. Coon, a conferencing veteran, is credited by many with being an instrumental part of the team that delivered the first investor relations (IR) call in the mid 1990’s.

“During his tenure at Frontier ConferTech and later Global Crossing, Steve’s reputation preceded him as the father of IR calls. We’re excited to have Steve be part of our team, and his addition reinforces the commitment that Conserto places on providing the highest quality IR and event call experience,” said Brad Volin, Conserto’s President. “With the addition of Steve, Conserto is poised to become a leader in the event and IR call market. We look forward to his leadership in helping our organization continue its aggressive growth.”

Coon’s previous position at Global Crossing Conferencing, a Colorado-based provider of telecommunications products and services, was vice president of global operations and engineering, where he was responsible for $100 million in annual revenues, managed more than 650 employees in four countries, and developed strategic initiatives to dramatically improve internal quality and cost efficiency.

“Conserto has a unique combination of strengths that positions it to be the premium provider in the automated and operator-assisted voice conferencing arena,” said Coon. “I’ve always been with the industry leader and am excited by the challenge of helping Conserto achieve a gold standard reputation as the best-in-class provider.”

Coon’s background in managing high volume investor relations and earnings calls will be especially valuable to Conserto’s customers in the financial sector. Conserto offers an innovative model to simplify operator-assisted conferencing capabilities and improve reliability. This includes comprehensive web access, an assigned call partner to coordinate details and the latest generation equipment to ensure the highest quality.


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