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Operator Assisted Advantages

The most important aspect of operator assisted calls is reliability and quality. Conserto understands this and executes accordingly. We use state-of-the-art equipment, which is extremely reliable. Some companies use conferencing equipment five to ten years old, which is obsolete in today’s high-tech world. Conserto employs redundant technology less than two years old.

With operator assisted calls, dependability is essential. That is why we employ industry veteran professionals who know the business. Each client is teamed with a Call Partner empowered to handle all aspects of your call. That means calling multiple times to reservations and other departments is not necessary. Your Call Partner handles all the details and coordinates your needs internally within Conserto, ensuring everyone is synchronized.

Conserto provides comprehensive web access during the call. Hosts have complete access to the same information as our internal operators. For instance, hosts and their assistants can view the queue of participants with questions, privately screen those participants, change the order of the queue, and write-in question topics into the field list so the host can view the questions ahead of time. This dramatically reduces confusion and time spent on a “comm line”.

In short, Conserto uses the latest generation equipment so you receive the highest reliability. We have hard-working people that care and do their best, so things don’t fall through the cracks. We provide greater functionality so your call is smoother both for you and your guests. And we do this at competitive prices. We want your business for the long-term.


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