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Operator Assisted Functionality

Conserto offers simplified conferencing, but with full-featured functionality. This includes a robust suite of options available for your use.

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Conference ControlsDescription
Listen onlyMutes all participants. Allows host to speak without interruption from participants.
Conference lock*Prevents others from joining call.
Music allPlays music on-hold to participants before call begins
Personal IDs*Limits access to the call by requiring each participant to have an individual PIN
Dial outDial outs to others. This can be performed within a sub-conference so as not to interrupt the main conference.
OperatorAllow an in-house assistant to act as the operator for your large call. This person will be able to answer participant questions, mute people, coordinate Q&A, and perform all typical operator duties.
International limit*Enables or disables the ability to dial-out to international numbers.
* security measures

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RecordingThis user defined selection will record the conference call. After the call, this recording can be accessed via the web as a downloaded .wav file. Callers can also listen to the previously recorded call via their telephone.
ArchivingThis user defined selection will archive the recorded call on Conserto’s servers. Calls must be recorded in order to be archived.
TranscriptionA word document of the transcribed call is sent to the subscriber within 3 days after the call.
StreamingCalls are encoded in real-time and made available via the web for people to listen live.
PlaybackCallers can call into Conserto and listen to a previously recorded call.
Participant listAll details of a completed conference call are available via the web, including a list of all participants that attended the call. The participant list is either the caller ID, or the name of the person of they registered or their name was entered into the name field during the call.
Q&AThis allows participants to signal the host that they have a question by dialing #3 on their telephone, which puts them in a holding queue. The host can then selectively allow callers in the queue to ask their question.
Sub-conferencing Allows selected participants to become a separate conference from the main conference, and then later be joined back to the main conference.

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Post Call Services
Conference summary emailsA designated email address (usually the conference host) can receive a summary email immediately after the conclusion of a call. This summary can also have links for accessing a recording of the conference (if a recording was made).

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